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Welcome to our online Scottish Music Teaching site. We're selling VIDEO courses in fiddle music, whistle, concertina, and Scottish song. The courses are made up of:

  • 4 or 6 lessons each of approximately half an hour in length.
  • All the materials right there online for you to download and print out
  • Unlimited access to lessons for 1 year.

When you purchase a course you will receive access to a secure area of our site where the lessons and materials are stored. Click on the links below to see what courses we offer. If you are looking for Scottish music, Scottish DVDs or Scottish books please visit FOOTSTOMPIN.COM, the home of bagpipe music, fiddle music, harp music, Scottish song and much, much more. The Ayepod free Scottish music podcast is now available here.

Here is a sample of Scottish fiddle music with Alasdair White teaching strathspey Christy Campbell. (duration approx 25 minutes).

Scots Song
with Christine Kydd
Learn 6 songs in Scots.

Scottish Harp music (intermediate) with Corrina Hewat
Learn 6 great tunes with fingering and chord accompaniment.

Borders Fiddle Music (intermediate) with Lori Watson.
Learn how to play 3 tunes in the beautful Scottish Borders style using 'harmonies', and ringing strings.

Shetland Fiddle Music (intermediate) with Jenna Reid.
Learn how to play 6 tunes in the Shetland style using 'ringing strings', bowings and unisons.

Scottish Fiddle music (intermediate) with Anna Wendy Stevenson.
Learn a selection of Scottish session tunes and the techniques, bowings and ornamentation to make them sound just like your favourite traditional fiddle players.

West Coast / Highland Fiddle (intermediate) with Alasdair White.
Learn West Highland style playing thorugh a march, 2 strathspeys, and 2 reels and put them together in a set.

Scottish Fiddle music (intermediate) with Mairi Campbell.
This Scottish fiddle course in six lessons has the power to truly transform your fiddle playing. It offers you loads of practical advice, with exercises on how to let go of tension, achieve a better tone and improve your technique. Develop your style in Scottish music through the learning of these six traditional and contemporary Scottish tunes.

Concertina (intermediate) with Simon Thoumire
Learn some new tunes and techniques to take your concertina playing to the next level.

Whistle (complete beginner) with Jennifer McGlone
A starters kit for the budding whistle player.

For our online teaching to work you will have to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. This comes with Windows. If you are a Mac user you can download it here. You will also need a fast internet connection (adsl, broadband), and speakers connected to your computer so you can hear it (these can take the form of computer speakers (connected from your sound card) or headphones). These lessons are not downloaded to your computer - they are streamed from our internet servers. If you have any questions please contact us.


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