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Walking the line between tradition and innovation with sparkling flair - and a highly contagious sense of fun - Robert Fish have helped to spearhead the remarkable revivable in social dancing that has accompanied Scotland's recent folk renaissance, bringing the nations original party music back to where it belongs, right at the heart of community life. Stick on the record, take your partners and strut your stuff; but be warned - excessive exposure to these tunes can induce extreme euphoria and sweatiness.

Although they have a strong rhythm section (drums, bass,guitar) they have beautiful and very danceable arrangements, without losing the connection to the tunes. It's always the tune and the way it is played that has that lift, only supported by the accompaniment. The Tunes are played by two fiddles, accordion and whistle. There is a nice selection of tunes, from scottish 2/4 marches over better known ones to some Cape Breton material, not forgetting the tunes from the Shetlands.

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