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We've asked some of Scotland's top musicians to tell us about their life and music* (read the questions). The programmes are available as a MP3 download or as an rss feed. To subscribe to this feed copy the URL of the podcast feed below and paste the URL into your podcast software. This software is usually free and one which we use is Juice (or itunes). You only need to use the podcast feed once as all our podcasts are tied to this feed and your software will alert you when we upload a new one. You can buy CDs of all these artists at If you have any questions please contact us.

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Sarah McFadyen
Sarah is a fiddler from Hoy in Orkney. After graduating from Edinburgh Arts School she joined Scottish bands Harem Scarem and Aberfeldy with whom she has recorded 2 albums each. She was taught by fellow Orcadian fiddler Jennifer Wrigley. Sarah is currently touring with Harem Scarem.

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Sheena Wellington
Sheena has led the field in Scottish traditional music through her singing of Scots song and work with local and national goverment. A highlight of Sheena's career was when she was asked to sing Robert Burns' A Man's A Man For a' That at the Opening Ceremony of the first Scottish Parliament for three hundred years.

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Finlay MacDonald
Finlay is one of Scotland's top innovative pipers. With his band they have played all over the world and have just released their latest CD - ReEcho on Greentrax Recordings.

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Mairi Campbell
Mairi is a multi-talented fiddler and viola player who performs with Bella McNab's Scottish Dance Band and the Cast. She is also a well sought after session musician being able to turn her talent to most musical styles. Check out Mairi's Ayepod teaching course.

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Lori Watson
Lori hails from the Scottish Borders and champions their unique fiddle style. She has just released her Lori Watson Three CD and in 2004 brought out Border's Young Fiddlers, a collection of Border's musician playing music from the area. Check out Lori's Ayepod teaching course.

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Gillian Frame
Gillian is fiddler and singer with award winning Scots band Back of the Moon and also the first award winner of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician 2001.

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Simon Thoumire
Simon is a virtuoso concertina player who performs with David Milligan. Check out Simon's Ayepod teaching course.

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Aidan O'Rourke
Aidan is a top Scottish fiddler who plays with Blazin' Fiddles and Lau.

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Rod Paterson
Rod is one of Scotland's top singers and lead singer of Jock Tamson's Bairns.

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Anna Wendy Stevenson
Anna Wendy is a fine fiddler who is respected for both her playing and teaching. She played with Fine Friday and is currently promoting her latest solo album. Check out Anna Wendy's Ayepod teaching course.

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David Francis
David is guitarist with Scots band The Cast as well as being one of Scotland top traditional music administrators.

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Sharon Hassan
Sharon is a great fiddler, guitarist and bagpiper from the North East of Scotland.

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* Many of these recordings are made out of the studio so please excuse the hiss and other outdoor noises.

Here are the 11 questions being asked to the musicians.

  1. When did you get the 'bug' for trad music?
  2. What is the single best piece of advice you ever received in connection with your musical career and who gave it?
  3. Do you think your talent in music came about as a result of nature, nurture or torture?
  4. What was the first tune/song you ever learnt?
  5. If you were starting life all over again, would you choose to learn the same instrument, or a different one?
  6. Who would you like to perform/record with if you could?
  7. Who is your favourite exponent of your instrument/tradition?
  8. Who is your biggest musical influence?
  9. Where is your favourite place to play?
  10. Do you listen to your own CDs? If so/not what's your favourite?
  11. Any tips on who we should be listening to?

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