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AYEPOD SESSION. Join in this weeks Ayepod Session it's FREE!

Ayepod Session is a video stream that runs every week with the new session posted each Thursday. Tonight's will feature Clare McLaughlin and Simon Thoumire playing a selection of less and well known tunes for you to join in with (or just listen to). It's free to participate in. We want to encourage people to play along so please bring your instruments. We will be posting the written music for the tunes we will play here on Tuesday so check back on this page. Remember you can smoke and drink as much as you like while taking part and no-one will stop you:).

To start the session click here. If you want to be kept intouch with future sessions and teaching please join our mailing list below.

Some of the tunes we will definitely be playing are below. There will be other tunes as well. If you have any suggestions please contact us. Each tune will be played 3 times apart from where indicated. The keys are marked in brackets.

Ayepod Session Book Vol 1: We are now selling our own Session Book Vol 1 (as a printable ebook) which will feature most of the tunes we play in our session. It comes in Adobe Reader (pdf) format which works on all computers. Buy it here for $6.99 (~£3.80)

Tunes: (not session order)

Shetland Fiddler (D)/Left Handed Fiddler (A) (reels)

My Friend Sharon (D/Dm)/The St Kilda Wedding (A) (jig/reel)

Margaret's Waltz (A)

Johnny Macclejohn (D)/The Flogging Reel (G) (reels)

Bonnie Isle of Whalsay (A)/Flowers of Edinburgh (G) (reels)

March for a New Scottish Parliament (A) (march)

Barbara's Jig (D)/Old Woman's Dance (Am) (jigs)

Ewie wi’ the Crooked Horn (D)/Alex C MacGregor (A) (strathspey/reel).

Enter this week's Ayepod Session. We're not live tonight but if anyone wants to chat you can by clicking below.

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For our webcasting to work you will have to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. This comes with Windows. If you are a Mac user you can download it here. You will also need a fast internet connection (adsl, broadband), and speakers connected to your computer so you can hear it (these can take the form of computer speakers (connected from your sound card) or headphones). If you have any questions please contact us. (Use the webchat to contact us during the webcast.)

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