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Complete Beginners Whistle Course with Jennifer McGlone. Fee £24.99 (inc VAT). Add to Cart

*When you purchase this course you will be redirected to a page where you can download the lessons and materials. This will happen within 24 hours of your purchase. if you have any questions please contact us.

This course is aimed at players who have never played whistle before or who have not played in years. It starts at the very beginning with the fingering and note names and goes through some excercises and simple tunes.

Course objectives:

  • You will learn the names of the notes in the bottom octave and be able to play them.
  • You will learn simple tunes and learn traditional ornamentation that goes with them.
  • You will feel confident to move to the next stage in your learning.

Each lesson lasts approx 30 minutes (lesson details below) and the teaching videos and materials are available in our secure section. Access to the teaching streams will unlimited for 1 year. When you pay we will send you a link (with username and password) to our secure area of the site. We will contact you regularly with dates for the live text chats where you can chat to Jennifer and ask any questions.

Jennifer McGlone is an experienced whistle teacher who has worked all over Scotland including Celtic Connections Education Project, Greater Easterhouse Arts Company, Hands Up for Trad, Feisan nan Gaidheal and her own arts company Glow Arts.

Lesson Plan
Lesson 1: This lesson acquaints ourselves with the whistle notes and how to play them. We then play some simple exercises to build up our confidence.

Lesson 2: We learn our first simple tune and do our first cuts and strikes (ornamentation)

Lesson 3: We concentrate on learning a lovely waltz, Sandy McConnell’s.

Lesson 4: We learn the Cockle Gatherer (Reel) and look again at more advanced cuts and strikes.

For our online teaching to work you will have to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer. This comes with Windows. If you are a Mac user you can download it here. You will also need a fast internet connection (adsl, broadband), and speakers connected to your computer so you can hear it (these can take the form of computer speakers (connected from your sound card) or headphones). These lessons are not downloaded to your computer - they are streamed from our internet servers. If you have any questions please contact us.


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