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Scottish Borders Fiddle music intermediate course with Lori Watson.
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Lori Watson - Scottish borders fiddle musicLori Watson teaches some essential Borders repertoire, style and technique. The music of the Borders is full of character and charm yet has remained relatively unexplored by those outwith the area. With its growing popularity and recognition as an important thread of traditiional music, here is an opportunity to discover, learn and enjoy this exceptional music.

Primarily for fiddlers, this course is also accessable to other intermediate melody and chord playing instruments.

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Listen to a FREE fiddle music sample of Lori playing.

Lesson Plan
Lesson 1 - Tam’s Auld Love Song

Learn this lovely slow air from the Borders. Attributed to Tam Hughes, Lori teaches the version popularly played today and includes pointers on phrasing and chording as well as giving a description of how it was played by Tam.

Lesson 2 - Tam’s Auld Love Song – Seconds

The character of Borders fiddle playing really comes out in a group, so here you can learn the ‘seconds’ (harmony part) to this slow air. Lori includes tips on chording, phrasing, playing with other fiddlers and on varying the part taught here.

Lesson 3 - Morpeth Rant

One of the most popular tunes in the Borders and Northumberland. Learn this version in G (note it is not the version commonly found in the North East and Central Scotland). Lori also takes you through the chording and phrasing suited to this tune – an essential for Borders sessions!

Lesson 4 - When The Kye Comes Hame

Learn this beautiful solo slow air. Lori teaches her version which she developed from the one taught to her by Bob Hobkirk. A really special old song air, this was one of Bob’s favourites, is one of Lori’s and may well become one of your’s!

Biography: Currently a PhD student at the RSAMD, Lori grew up in the Scottish Borders playing traditional music from a young age. A BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year 2002 and 2003 Finalist, Lori has performed extensively throughout Britain and Europe. She has broadcast on radio, television and internet throughout Europe and in the USA. Performing with artists such as Brian McNeill, Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Dick Gaughan, Duncan Chisholm, Karine Polwart, The Unusual Suspects and Scottish Women has solidified Lori's reputation as a leading traditional musician of her generation.

Lori's own compositions are both true to the tradition and contemporary. Her singing and fiddle playing deliver a stunning performance rich in personality. Here you have a unique, individual voice creating sounds of beauty in fiddle and song.

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